Friday, March 26, 2010

It's dark so look closely

8 Kids!!!! (including twins)

And if you look even closer... no dirty dishes on the counter :) As Ellie would say "Danelle, you rock!" And she is absolutely right!! haha!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

new fav's... and other stuff

So lately Kade likes lying on soft things and saying "Ahhh" Its so cute! This video is funny for two reasons. His Ahhh is cute and he conked Alex pretty good! Its funny to see Alex's reaction. I shouldn't laugh when he is in pain!

Right now Kade is loving this stroller. We have been going on walks in the evenings but he comes and home and still wants to ride in the stroller. So we push him around the house in it. He just chills in there and bounces his legs, its pretty cute.
He also loves playing the piano these days. He goes over there several times a day and ask to play the piano.
He's just handsome

We're getting there! Almost walking. He's got the standing down pretty well.
Laundry baskets are always fun to play in.

So the hangy things on Alex's pants are part of his cycling pants, not a jock strap as my mother thought haha!

Kade plays in the pots and pans ALL DAY LONG!

He's climbing more and more

Just a funny face.

We are trying to get ready for a garden. There is a ton of lava rock stuff in the back where we want the garden. This cute man in our ward brought over his toy and is hauling it out for us. He says its fun ha!

He got so excited watching that big tractor.

So thats some things from our life as of late. These pictures are way out of order because as we all know, thats just the way blogger does things.

Monday, March 1, 2010


....Daddy brings home big boxes..

Sometimes... I wonder what is going on inside this sweet little boys head....

And sometimes.... Daddy also brings home big wood barrels...

And sometimes.... our living room looks like this. (Well all the time right now.)
Sometimes Kade helps Daddy with the big boy jobs.

Sometimes Kade looses a sock.... :)

Sometimes I wonder how Alex hasn't been electrocuted!......
Or murdered for using someones good kitchen knives for prying off baseboards!!!