Friday, October 31, 2008


We haven't posted in a while ... not much has been happening. Today I wish I could either trick-or-treat OR that my sibling could still trick-or-treat, then I could raid their candy. Its my job as big sis right? PLUS that can by my payment for all the rides being given to them. They really don't know how lucky they are, I never had a big sis to give me rides. Ok.. that's not what I am blogging about today, and I really don't know what this blog will entail. So far the best point has been the fact that I want some candy. (Thank heavens for an awesome mother in law who so generously donated from her stash!) Being pregnant has its benefits :) On the pregnant note, tonight I am going to be brave and not take my unisom and b6. It has been heaven sent for the past three months or so but I am all out and want to make sure I don't need it before I buy more. I have been feeling a lot better lately so I am thinking this will be good. I have figured out a pattern, I can go four days with out throwing up. THAT'S NOT TOO BAD!!! I could handle this for another five months! So.... we shall see how this goes. I know I know this is like the best post ever huh? I don't really have much to say, except for one more thing. Alex is just an awesome guy and is so caring and service oriented. Every spare minute he has had lately he has been helping his brother remodel their house and helping his mom with various tasks. He is just awesome. And my niece and nephew are crazy because they are climbing on the roof!!! They are nuts. I don't think they understand how scary it really is. I think I will post a random picture just so this post isn't so boring. :)
Maybe our little Skeltonator will be some kind of mix of these...

This is just a random picture from when we were dating. I know... I was skinnier then :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Boy Skelton!!!

It took the doctor a little while to find anything but he eventually found the "third leg"! It is so fun watching our little boy move around I look forward to seeing it every month! This time it was harder to see than last time because he is getting so big! The Doctor said everything is going well and our little guy looks healthy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tomorrow is like CHRISTMAS!!!!!

We find out what our baby is tomorrow night at 7:00!!!!!!! EEEKKK!!! I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Occasion . . .

There are certain "mormonisms" if you will that have the tendency to leave a sour taste in your mouth, either from sheer abundance and overuse or . . . well that's all. Hence the reason you can find most of them in certain mormon movies. If you notice 98 percent of them are actually true, even though we continue to exert our efforts to mock them. On occasion I find this one in particular to be true, painful as it is to vocalize. "Look at the bigger picture", or "eternal perspective", there are different versions, but I am sure you get it.
The word remember is frequenced so much in the gospel because said Pres. Eyring, He knew we would forget that "big picture". Yesterday I almost completely forgot. I did however remember how cheap and unfair this mortal test can be. . .
I also remembered on a quiet hill named golgotha there were covenants perfected, standards kept, promises fulfilled, and a Gethsemane visited twice, in a sort of reverenced understanding without complaint, and how my seemingly harsh lynchings were but dross, and really not that bad when all is said and done, in comparison to the seething hell that was placed upon the shoulders of him who is the "finisher of our faith." Looking, on occasion at the big picture, really can make a difference, and if I can maybe remember some part of that miracle at least once a day, somehow I will come out of the Lord's furnace a bit brighter than yesterday.
All of these daily events, comings and goings, who is better than who, who thinks they have more power than they really do, who has more toys, who can complain more, which guy would be better to run our country into the dirt, who gets the bigger paycheck ETC.
ALL will fade into a simple background as we kneel and account for our actions, and our heart, before our Judge. It is my job to see that moment accomplished purely and with an unshakable testimony, no matter how hard my Gethsemane "seems" at the time and in the moment, just as the Master did I need to be ready and willing to fight as Elder Maxwell put it "in the shade of circumstance" and not to be a "summer soldier and sunshine patriot."

Monday, October 13, 2008

You know you're pregnant when.....

... you can't decide between a butter finger shake from Iceberg or a princess keva from Keva Juice and your husband gets sick of waiting for you to decide and gets you both. Ha! Alex is the best!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some of our Passions

Danl wanted to share her piano with everyone, before her Grandma passed away she said she wanted Danelle to have her piano and music! It is a blessing to have Grandma Paulsen's piano in our home, Thanks Grandma! Danl plays amazingly even though she would never admit it. She is very very good, not just any ordinary pianist. And she is hot.

My brothers and I participated in the 2008 Tour de Cure this past summer. We try to go every year. The one on the left is Dallin (the ultimate sprinter) and the one in the middle is Andy (the ultimate climbing machine). My other brother, Bryan used to have mad cycling skills and was amazing on a bike, but unfortunately he has numerous health issues and cannot participate in sports like he used to. We have had an extreme passion for cycling ever since we were little, Andy could easily be a Domestique but he chooses to be a seminary teacher and a father, Dallin really could be an amazing sprinter but he would have to be away from his family, something he probably doesn't want to do. Anyway we love riding together!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This cute little girl is one of the girls in our ward that I nanny. The fun part about nannying in the ward is that I get to go with the Mom's group. We have some awesome people in our ward and I love hanging out with them. I stole these pictures from my friend Alisha. She is an awesome photographer! (Thanks for the pictures!) The biggest reason I took these pictures is because there some that are just hilarious! They make these big slides on stacks of hay bales. We climbed up to the big one to find that it was really steep and .... too scary. Cinda and Kristen were the only ones braves enough to try it. I for sure was not so I was glad that Lucy didn't want to either. So the first slide picture is Cinda going down the big slide and the other two are of me, Lucy, and Ryan going down the LITTLE slide. The sad part is look how scared I look! I am such a freak I know! I am a big wimp!

What a loser!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Silly ol' Danl!

Sometimes I feel like this clown, actually more often than not I do!

I feel the need to make some points of clarification on my sweet wife's last blog. Most of the guys, I am sure (at least those that take the time to read these), noticed that the date I performed the calling of home teaching was the last day of the month! (kudos to me!) Therefore forfeiting all blessings that would have come if not for procrastination. Those of you who read it must have also been thinking, "Well my husband, brother, uncle, grandpa, nephew, father etc. has, or is done or doing, all of that AND MORE! And they go about it with no recognition or glory. I do not profess busy-ness, greater than thou-ness, or more on my plate than you-ness! I, like so many others reading this, try my best in going about my daily duties as a Husband, Father to be, citizen, and any callings I may possess and in so many instances push when "Someone" is telling me to pull- only through the fact that the Lord in his wisdom feels sorry for me that I "don't get it" yet. I seek no glory or rewards for the infinitesimal tasks I attempt to complete on a daily basis. At the same time I thank Danl for the sweet comments she has made. Thanks to all of you, that have had anything at all to do with Danl or I.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kudos to Alex!!

Ok I just have to tell everyone how amazing and perfect Alex is. I am not as good at making things sound all beautiful and perfect like he does but he really is so awesome! He gets up so early every morning and goes to work till four thirty then he goes to school till about nine thirty every night. Then he comes home and does homework till like eleven. I realize that so many people in the world also do this but it amazing to me how positive he is about it. He does it with out complaint at all! And the best part is that he comes home and cleans!! I know this is my job and I am a total slacker but I also say I feel too sick. And as true as that is it is still a lame excuse for me to leave that to slave man Alex. Yet he comes home so happy and upbeat and is so cute to me being his silly fun self, and does the dishes, homework, and all the million other things he does with out stopping. Oh yeah, and last night he walked in the door and said sorry I will be back in a minute but I have to go do my home teaching! Even as busy as he is he still finds home teaching important! I know I am rambling and you dont find this as great as me, but I just wanted everyone to know how amazing my husband is!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok thats all!

On a side note....
A; Sorry for the no pictures thing. I need to get a new USB cord for our camera so we can put pictures on the computer. We used to use our camera's on our phones (Lame I know!) But they are both broken now so... that's why.
B; We had our second doctors appointment last week. I have had lots of good intentions to blog about it but the main reason I haven't yet is because I wanted to put up the picture but I need to scan it and haven't yet. So that's why. But everything went well. I was a blast to be able to see the baby so well. It is a busy little baby. It kept kicking the side and bouncing up over and over again. Yeah, I know that will be fun when I can actually feel it! So... everything is going well. We are in the second trimester now so we shall see how things go! I am looking forward to the awesomeness everyone says the second trimester is!! Oh, and we find out what our baby is on OCTOBER 22ND!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

Ok shut up Danelle. I know no one likes to read long posts with no pictures! LOS CIENTOS!!