Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and stuff

Frosting cookies Christmas Eve. Kade actually got into it more than I thought he would. Yes he dumped out all the sprinkles on his tray, but it was worth it because he had a blast!

Christmas morning. He was SO excited to get his buzz! Its hard to tell but I love how his face shows how excited he is!
Making Buzz fly!

I'm biased but I love our cute little family!! We feel so very blessed! It was a great Christmas to have a new little on added to our family!
He really does love his little brother! It really makes me so happy! That is all the picture I have from Christmas day! I am so bad at taking pictures when we go out places. But we spent time with my family and Alexs Mom on Christmas day and we got to talk to Alex's sister Marne' who is on a mission in Kentucky. It was an awesome day!!

Again I am biased but I just think he is soo stinkin cute!
Kade always has to come sit by me when I am feeding Cardon. It is so sweet... and sometimes difficult. :) But mostly sweet, he just loves his little brother so much he has to be by him all the time!
We can't get over how tiny Cardon seems to us. He is a normal size but compared to Kade he seems itty bitty to us. This cute little bear outfit is from Grandma Skelton. He looks so stinkin cute in it!
This picture makes him look so long and skinny!!
And just another picture because he is cute. He is such a good baby! He has gone 8 hours at night three times now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well it took me long enough!

Our new little dude is only 10 days old and I am finally getting around to blogging about it. I have missed so much in the almost two months that I haven't blogged! We have some computer issues but here we are and here are baby pictures finally!!
At my last Dr's appointment my doctor told me that since we were planning on a C-section that the hospital would keep me if I went in feeling contractions. We figured it wouldn't happen and planned on going in for the scheduled c-section Tuesday the 21st. Well Saturday was one of Alex's best friends wedding. We went to the sealing and then that afternoon I started feeling contractions. They weren't anything big but they were progressively getting worse. We decided we would go to the hospital after the reception if they were still getting worse. They started to get pretty bad then of course stopped right before the reception. We were a bit bummed. Well Sunday afternoon they started up again. Probably on account of wrestling with a toddler at church ha! Anyways after church I decided to go outside and walk up and down the hill to try to get them worse and it worked. So we got in the car and headed to the hospital. They of course slowed way down because I was sitting down. We went anyways. I sat there in the bed all hooked up, the contractions were hardly anything, wondering why we even came in. The were just going to send us home. The nurse checked me and said I was hardly dilated. She went and called the doctor. I was about ready to just get dressed to go home ha! She came in and said that my doctor was already there doing another c-section so he figured he might as well do mine since we were both there. We were shocked and thrilled!! So theres the story. Long enough for you? haha!

So here were are getting ready to go in the OR. Last time was so stressful so it was kind of nice to actually know what was going on this time and to take pictures of us in our hot gowns :)

I just love this picture! Doesn't he look like the happiest Daddy!
He weighed 7 lb 10 oz and was 20 inches long! He seems so teeny to us compared to Kade who was 8 lb 11oz! So many of his outfits just fall off of him, outfits that Kade never could wear!

Now about the name. Many of you know that we had the name Ryker picked out. Well I saw him for about 2 seconds in the OR before they whisked him away to clean him up. Then I saw in recovery by myself for almost an hour and I just sat there thinking that his name wasn't Ryker. Alex has always loved the name Cardon, its his mothers mothers maiden name. I was never completely sold on it but after a couple of days of name debating we decided that the name just fit. Now I can't believe that we almost called him Ryker! He is perfectly a Cardon. His middle name is Bitner because President Hinkley is the prophet Alex and I grew up with.

Kade loves his brother so much! Cardon wasn't paying attention so Kade had to grab his face to kiss him!

My sister was on her mission until Kade was nine months old. One of the highlights this time around was actually having her there this time.

Keeping Kade entertained at the hospital.

Kade really loves his little brother. The first time we were home I was up in the middle of the night feeding Cardon and I heard Kade awake in his room. So I went in to check on him. He was just looking for his binky so I gave it to him and he lied back down. Then he popped his head up and asked "Baby?" I told him the baby was sleeping and he just said "Oh" and then lied back down. I thought it was so cute that he remembered his brother and wondered where he was. He calls him "Coco" and I am told that while we were at the hospital he talked about coco all day. My Mom and sister in law took such good care of Kade. He had so much fun he probably didn't want to come home!


He even shares he toys. :)
Kade wanted to play in the snow so my sister and I went out with him and built a snow man. Can I just say how much fun it is to play in the snow with your kids?! I had a blast!

Kade calls glasses "Cool dude!" He needed to look cool to go out in the snow.
My cute boys!! How lucky am I?!
We are doing very well and happy to be a family of four! It is better than we thought it would be. Kade has adjusted very well and Cardon is such a good baby! He hardly ever screams, he just squeaks and usually calms down on his own. He is a good eater and sleeper. Last night he slept two 6 hour stretches only waking up once at 3:30! He is amazing!!
Well there you go! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow, going through pictures I realized how big of a slacker I really have been!! So these are just a big mumbo jumbo of pictures that are WAY out of order from like the past two or three months. Sorry if you get bored! :)

Kade loves to be doing whatever Daddy is doing.
You already know the boy loves water, no more explanation needed.
Who doesn't love jumping on the bed with Dad??
Its just chocolate OK.
We went to the fair, Kade loved the animals.

Alex: "Hahaha take a picture of the pig butts.. hahahaa!!" So here you go! :)
Watching the sheep auction. Kade thought it was fascinating.
He is nothing like me, he is a dare devil! haha! He has no problem jumping on the kitchen table either. I don't think I would even step over a ditch until I was like...18 ha!
We went camping and yes I slept on the ground six months pregnant. It actually wasn't TOO bad. But isn't this a cute picture of my two boys??
Kade loved it! He just ran around the campsite all night. Its lame but we have never been camping before, people told us it was funner with out kids but I thought it was a blast with Kade! It was so fun to see him enjoying it!
And then Kade woke up at like 4 in the morning, probably because he was cold. So what do you do? Build a fire and eat cookies!

Like I said, Kade loves to do whatever Dad is doing. Here it is P90X. Its pretty cute to see Kade copy what Alex is doing. And you know a toddler means mess making. But to him he is just getting a snack ready. Alex walked in the room to Kade pouring the crackers out on the plate. Doesn't he look so proud?? I swear not too long ago I was able to put things OUT of Kades reach by setting them on the table!

Family Halloween picture.
Blowing kisses to the candy givers.
You have to dump out the spoils when you get home! Look how excited he is!

We take lots of bubble baths these days. It satisfies he water wishes and keeps him from making messes all over the house.. for like a half an hour. :)
He has mastered eating from a bowl and spoon on his own. I LOVE it! Whenever I talk about lunch he says two things. If it is something he knows is hot he says "Hot, Hot!" with a very concerned look on his face. Then he says "Mom Cold??" To make sure I will cool it down for him. I am not joking when I say we have this same conversation at least twenty times a day. It must really worry him ha! Then he asks me if he can have a bowl and a spoon. He is really proud that he can eat on his own!
We went to the pumpkin patch.. who didn't? Kade had a blast! He went down those slides SO many times and didn't want to leave.

These two are always playing and wrestling, its the cutest! When Kade was a newborn Alex was asking if he could start wrestling him yet. He has been looking forward to it for so long and I love watching them play together. Kade is so tough and loves to be thrown around its so cute!
We have been doing lots of painting... and Alex is a dork!
Again, copying Daddy. Alex has to lock the bathroom door when he shaves because Kade always wants the razor ha!

My sister for homecoming! Isn't she the cutest?!

Kade loves Aunt Dayna! He asks about her almost everyday and then tells me that she is at "Skoo".
Wow... So that is some of what we have been doing. Kade is talking up a storm and I love to hear the things he tells us. He is such a fun boy and loves making us laugh! He will probably be a class clown because he loves attention and making people laugh so much! I'm really trying to enjoy my last few weeks with him. I'm a little nervous to have two kids. I know I can do it, all of you have, but I just don't know what its going to be like! I hope Kade will do ok, he does love babies right now. Only six more weeks! And BTW, a week or so ago this baby decided he would rather be breech. So that is where we are right now. Hope you are well! I'll try to stay better updated!