Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is how we say....

I HATE TEETH!!!!!!!!!

On a happier not, Kade is on the go. It seems like Kade had a dream telling him how to crawl because he woke up go go going! It makes me smile to see that little body move like that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Look who found the dvd's

I probably shouldn't allow him to do that, but it was so cute watching him take out one and a time, bang it against the entertainment center and then pick a new DVD. Oh the simple pleasures of being a mom.

This is Kade's new favorite thing. He scrunches his face up like this and then breathes in and out really quick. Its makes me laugh every time, which makes him do it again. What a funny boy I have!
I am loving this big personality that keeps getting bigger and bigger everyday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mostly a picture post

I never updated on the sleeping situation. The next night I thought that maybe he was waking up because he was cold. He would kick of his blankets in his sleep and then he got cold and woke up. Once he was awake I guess he decided to play. ha! I would wait for him to fall asleep so I could cover him up again. I wrote that post in the middle of the night while I was waiting for him to fall back asleep so maybe thats why I was so annoyed haha! Anyways, I fixed it by putting two pairs of Jammie's on his, plus socks and then a heavier blanket that is harder to kick off. He slept so much better the next night. And has been ever since. (Except while out of town, but I am sure you all know how that goes!) Anyways, Friday night he slept 12.5 hours! That kid amazes me.
OK I said pictures so here you go!

So since Kade has gotten more mobile he is all over in his crib. You might not think its that funny since all your kids have done it too, but I think it is hilarious how he falls asleep in so many different ways.

Cousin bath time!
I wouldn't call it crawling, but Kade scoots around everywhere backwards! This is him stuck under the futon. Yes I am mean and had to take a picture before rescuing him ha! Its cute how frustrated he gets when he gets stuck.
Best buds!

Victory! I cut down ONE of the stupid bushes!
Eating crackers.

This is a castle we went to while in Colorado Springs. It was really cool inside. Its from the late 1800's. Marne even got a ghost picture! :)
This was in Manatoo Springs. (Sp?) Spring water... not so yummy. It tastes like really stale sprite. Or even worse!
Marne' likes the spring water! (She's crazy!)
This was at the mall in Colorado Springs. This guy was trying to sell Sarah at back massager thing. It was so funny to us. And the best part was the Michael Jackson wanna be in the back haha!

Kade loves water bottles. But you can't fool him with an empty one!
Looking in the mirror.
Kade finally learned how to roll over! At 7 months! Now he is all over the place! Hence the funny sleeping pictures!