Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family reunions

This is a super long post. Sorry!!
On Saturday the 13th Alex and his brother Andy rode in the Tour de Cure in Brigham City. It was kind of a stinky day for them. Let me explain. So they got up early in the morning and headed off. About 30 minutes before the race Alex called telling me he had forgotten his shoes and helmet. So Kade and I cruised out there to take him his things. They crossed the starting line just so they could start the race and I met them a little bit into the race. Right as I pulled up Alex got a flat. They fixed it and took off. He got another flat about 30 miles into it. Then at about 60 miles Alex started getting some back pain and it got worse and worse until his right side of his body was all numb and his back was really hurting. He couldn't ride anymore so they medical guys took him back to the start. I went and got him so his brother could finish his race. Fun day huh? :) Poor Alex. His back is doing better now though, thanks for asking. ha! :)

So Sunday evening to the cabin we went. It was a fun few days hanging out with the Skeltons. Tiff planned lots of fun activities for the kiddos. Man she is awesome! Monday Alex and Bryan played baseball with the kids and it was so fun to watch! I even went up to bat a few times. I think all the moms did at least once. Fun fun. There were some plumbers there fixing the main water line or something while we were there so we didn't have water for a few hours on Monday but it wasn't too bad. On Tuesday they were digging a hole under the house and there was a lot of exhaust from their equipment filling the house so we headed to the lake. The kids had a blast and Kade slept! Kade was a super good baby on the trip! The first couple days he didn't sleep the greatest during they day. Still good at night he just didn't nap too well. There was a lot going on with 11 other kids running around. He was too excited to sleep I guess. I thought he would have been more fussy but he was really good considering we were away from home for so long.

I just thought this was a cute picture of Asher and Tensley playing together at the beach.Alex playing in the sand with the kiddos.

Alex won reddi whip in the family raffle. He is obsessed! Our cut little Kader!
We got home Wednesday, did laundry and re-packed then we headed out again Thursday morning. My mom's family reunion was in McCall Idaho. It was a lot of fun to be with everyone and see cousins I hadn't seen in a very long time. It rained most of the time we were up there but McCall is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! The drive was gorgeous! We had a lodge right off the lake so the beach was in the back yard. There were some canoes that everyone had a lot of fun with. My cousin brought this silly game called Quelf and it is so fun! They have funny rules that you have to obey the whole game. I guess you would have to play it to know ha! It was about at 7.5 hour drive each way and Kade did awesome! I pumped and then climbed in the back seat and fed him a bottle. It worked wonderfully and we didn't have to pull over to feed him. He was happy the whole time but extra happy when he got to get out of the car.
We let Kade sit in the pool for a second with my cousin Abby but he didn't like it soo much. Not as warm as the tub right Kade?This is that silly game I was telling you about. I had to move my marker with my elbow the whole time and Alex had to keep his right hand on his knee and point at the closest wall with his left hand whenever it wasn't his turn. My cousin had to excuse himself to the bathroom and stay there until someone came to find him. It really is such a crazy game and I think we need to make the investment. :)
Our family in front of a waterfall on our hike. It was killer! I almost died! I know I am a wimp!

Kade has found his favorite blankie. He loves it so much he always holds on to it and pulls it up to his face. I think its cute.

Still reading?!?! :)

Well this is a quick catch up post and its probably getting rather boring. I will say the most eventful part of the Paulsen reunion was my Grandpa feeding Kade a sucker!! I will admit it was a LITTLE cute seeing him lick that sucker but I was really upset that my Grandpa just stuck candy in a 2 month old baby's mouth. He knows better he just likes to urk people and get a reaction I suppose. I know it won't kill Kade but it still made me pretty mad. You don't just go around sticking food in babies mouths! After I got after him he told me that he never wanted to see me breastfeeding Kade again because breast milk is 80 percent garbage anyways. Whatever Grandpa! Kade was up ALL night. I think it was partly because he was done with vacations and ready to be home but I am also pretty sure it had something to do with the sugar. It wasn't much but it doesn't take a lot to get a baby wired. He is used to eating mommy's milk!

Alex was so proud of what he calls his "half man beard" that he grew while we were gone so here is the proof. Such a silly boy!Such a goof! He never has a real smile for the camera! I honestly have no idea what he is doing with his hand on his nose and he probably doesn't either.

Ok I swear I am almost done. Quick Fathers Day mushy goo.
It has been so fun to see the kind of Dad Alex is to Kade. He always runs in the door from work and says "Where's my boy!?" He loves Kade so so much, probably more than any other dad out there. :) He is so sweet with him and plays with him all the time. Its cute to hear the conversations they have. (Kade is becoming a little jabber mouth and its the cutest! I shouldn't expect anything less than lots and lots of talking from my own child right??) Anyways Alex is a fabulous Dad and husband. He is always looking for ways and asking about things he could do to help and to be a better Dad. Although he is already more than perfect!!! He works so so hard to provide for our family and he never stops doing more and more for us. Thanks Alex I love you! Happy late Fathers Day!

My dad is an incredible example to me! He was so consistent in family night, scripture study, family prayers and everything like that. Honestly I can't remember much about what we learned or the scriptures we read but every night after we read by dad would talk briefly about the scripture and the most important lesson I learned was that my Dad had a testimony of the scriptures. Those of you who know my Dad know that he has a very very strong desire to do whats right and he never stops working at it. I don't think I have ever heard my Dad say a bad thing about anyone. He always has something positive to say about EVERYBONE!! Thanks Dad I love you!

I have a very amazing Father in Law. He taught Alex so many things not only by teaching but mostly through example. He loved to be with his kids and took them on lots and lots of outings. He taught Alex his passion for biking with all the rides he took the boys on every Saturday. He also taught Alex the importance of service. Alex says he remembers lots of times riding his bike to the homes of widows and visiting with them for hours because his Dad knew they needed someone to talk to. His Dad suffered a lot of pain in his life yet he pushed through it with a happy face and still worked so hard. Everyone who knows David Skelton will tell you he was always working really hard! He had a brilliant mind! He is one incredible person and we miss him lots. Thanks for being such a great Father to Alex. We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st hair cut!!

Yep, I'm posting again. :) Its his first hair cut how could I not document it?! I know he is only two months old but his new hair was coming right along so the old hair was longer and scraggly looking. Plus he had wings and a mullet. I was a little nervous about it but it turned out so cute. Now he looks even more handsome if at all possible! ha!

This is a before somewhat of a before shot just so you can have an idea of how it looked before. Not that it looks that different. Yes I know he is sucking his thumb, its the craziest thing but he really does love his thumb now!
Some action shots.

And the finished product!

Just a cute picture. He often takes out his binky and just holds on to it ha! And again you can see his hair before the cut.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tub Time!

Ok so I know I have been posting a lot lately and you are all sick of me which is probably the explanation to the lack of comments but its my blog and my baby so I will post as I please :)

This is Kade in the tub tonight. He has a blast in the tub! Sorry the video is of very poor quality. I don't know how to get our cam-corder video's on here. I don't even know how to put them on a real DVD. But this video gives you an idea of bath time with Kade. (Ignore my super annoying laugh please :) )

Yes, I know. He's the cutest!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Too smart :)

We always new Kade would be a smart little boy! Why wouldn't he be right? But I never thought he would be so smart that he would figure out how to suck is thumb at 2 months old!!!!
Grandma T is in big trouble! She thought it would be cute to teach him. But when he wouldn't do anything but eat his hand she gave up. Saturday she gave it another try and he caught on!!
I feel horrible taking his little thumb out. He looks so cute and it makes him so happy. But I don't want to be breaking the habit when he is 6.

I also wanted to post these pictures of his cute little Grandpa playing with him. It was so cute to see! And in case you are wondering yes, those are Grandpa's glasses above. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

2 months old. WHAT?!

Alex and I still look at each other and say "We are parents?! This is our boy?!" It's just so surreal still. But being parents is the most wonderful thing in the world! We are so blessed with such a happy little boy. He is so fun! Lately he has been all smiles and he has started cooing a lot. I love hearing his cute little voice. I swear if that boy could he would be running all over already. He is so busy. He just lays on his blanket and kicks and kicks. I started nannying again this week and the girls keep saying "Maybe he thinks he is riding a bike. He just keeps riding and riding." Hahaha. They adore him. When he is awake and playing they just lay on the blanket beside him and watch him the whole time. Well, that's if they aren't holding him. Kade also loves his bath time. Its so cute. He splashes the whole time its hilarious. I love watching him. One of these days I will figure out how to get video from our cam corder on here.... one day. One of the funniest things Kade does is he eats his hand. He doesn't suck on his thumb or finger or anything in particular. He just eats his whole hand! Whatever he can shove in his mouth he eats. Its so funny because he gets his whole shirt gets all slobbery. You would think he would get frustrated not being able to find his thumb or something ha!

Yesterday we took him to his two month appointment. Getting him those shots is so sad! He was such a sad boy after. I think he was really sore. The last shot they gave him his leg was really flexed and tight because he was screaming and the nurse jabbed the needle in and said "That one hurt him." What a meanie huh! Couldn't he have waited a second till Kade was relaxed? But later in the day Kade felt better. He was really sad for the first few hours poor guy! He has the cutest little pout face, I have yet to get it on camera but it so cute!

Here are his stats:

Length : 24 inches 90th percentile.
Weight : 12 Pounds 4 Ounces. He is down the the 75th percentile.
Head Circumference 15 1/4 inches. 25 percentile.

The doctor said is going to be a tall boy. I was surprised that he weight came down to the 75th. That's down 15 percent.
He is such a good little boy and we love him more than we ever thought possible! Now for some pictures!

Sleeping with his arms up of course!

There he is eating that hand!
I sure love my little bubba!