Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ok Kade, We're READY!!!!!!

All thanks to my fabulous mother! She is so awesome! She came over and helped me organize the baby room and put the house together to make it feel more like an actual home. Up until this point all we really do here is eat and sleep so its just like a hotel or something. But now we are going to be spending a lot more time here so she helped to make it look a lot nicer. Also, she is amazing and sewed the curtains, bumper pad and crib skirt. I think they turned out soo cute! She is still working on the changing pad. But wow she is amazing!! Also, my very crafty sister in law Tiffany made the cute letters and picture frame. Her husband cut them and she decorated them. They are one amazing duo! Anyways, enjoy the pictures. And thanks to my mom, Tiff and Bryan! Only 2 more days!!!!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Your opinion please!

Ok so I am probably wrong in this so that is why I am asking for everyone's opinion. My sweet husband is so helpful and helps with the dishes. But there is one particular thing about doing the dishes that we disagree on. We both believe in soaking dishes. Alex believes that since soaking things in hot water is more effective the most effective way possible to soak a dish is to fill it with soap and water and then put it on the burner, hence keeping the water hot (I guess). I think that all that does is cook the food on the bottom to the dish even more and then the water just boils on top of it. Maybe I am not thinking correctly and boiling to soak really does work. What do you guys think?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry to ruin the poll but it looks like we will be having Kade on the 31st!! We went to the doctor today and he said he will induce me on the 31st so..... unless he comes sooner than that (right) or takes a whole day and comes on the 1st of April it looks like we will have a March baby! So those of you who haven't voted yet you can guess on everything else but the due date :) Also, on the way home from the doctor we stopped by the grocery store and Alex was announcing to total strangers that he was going to be a Dad. The conversation went something like this....
Alex: What are you doing on March 31st?
Stranger: um...... I don't know (awkward face)
Alex: Well I'm having a baby!! Yay!! Woo Hoo!! That's right! Me, a daddy!!!

He went on yelling this throughout the whole store!!

About the poll, Alex said that his mom will so generously award the winner one thousand dollars! Thanks mom!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its time for the poll!!!

So we have about three weeks left!!! Leave a comment with your guesses.
When will he be born?
How much will he weigh?
How long will he be?
Hair? Color?
Lets even throw in a time maybe???
And anything else you can think of!
Good luck! Here are some random pictures of the two of us. My we look young don't we!!!!! These were from before we were married.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

26 days... No, I'm not couting!

So I was having one of those crazy pregnant lady emotional days. Silly as it is it all started with Alex telling me I wasn't invited to his Chiropractor appointment. Which I know is dumb but I really wanted to be with him and I was sad that he said I wasn't invited. I even tried telling him that he wasn't invited to my doctors appointment but he said it was half his baby so I couldn't do that. I started bawling hysterically (I have been doing this a lot lately). Its actually pretty ridiculous when I get like that because I can't stop crying! And I have this awesome thing about me where if I cry for 30 seconds my face gets all red and blotchy its really nasty looking! And my eyes are so puffy I can hardly see through them the next day. Its really awesome! So anyways, pretty much the whole day I was crying about silly and stupid things that really meant nothing. Oh, by the way Alex did invite me to his appointment and was very apologetic about it. He was also laughing his head off because its just ridiculous when I act like that. So the day went on and we went to the doctor. Stepping on the scale while pregnant always makes ones day better! :) Then the doctor tells us that this little dude inside of me is 7 1/2 pounds. In case you missed the title I still have 26 days!! That is one huge baby! When I was there 2 weeks ago he was 6, and babies usually gain 1/2 pound a week and Kade gained 1 1/2 pounds in two weeks. I know that the doctor can only guess and that everything will go how its supposed to be and I will be ok. I really do know that and I am not THAT freaked out about the big thing. Yes I do think that is huge but I know it will be ok. I don't know why but I think I was secretly hoping that that doctor would change my due date a little bit or something. I know I am nuts! But I left feeling disappointed and so upset because that was how my day was going. I came home and just sat in bed crying because I am that awesome. At some point I fell asleep and I remember Alex sneaking out of the room. I asked him where he was going and he said nowhere. I woke up a bit later and he was still gone and I remember thinking "That meanie! He said he was going no where but then why isn't he here?!?!" Ha! Well a little later I woke again to my cute husband walking in the room with flowers and my favorite candy! He is so sweet! He said he didn't know what to do to make me feel better but he wanted to do something. He is so cute! He has been so awesome to me this whole pregnancy. He listens to me complain and does whatever I want him to and gets me anything I want. I really have been spoiled! So.. the point of this post is not to make you feel sorry for me but to tell you that ALEX IS THE BEST!!!!
OK I will stop talking now, and to make this post a little more enjoyable I have posted some pictures that some friends in our ward took of us. A lot of you have probably already seen them on facebook but now they are here too!! Enjoy!!
** Sorry that was so incredible long!

These first two are from Erin Langford.

And the rest are from Toni.

Yeah I know he is a stud!!