Saturday, February 20, 2010

A true Skelton gene.

If you know the Skelton family, you know they love books. If they all weren't such good people they would probably get into really big fights over books. I am thinking Kade has picked up on the gene. He often crawls into his room to the books and just hangs out. These pictures weren't staged. He really does go from book to book, turns the pages and picks them up. Oh I think he is so cute!

I think this one is my favorite. He looks so mature haha!

This wasn't staged either. Kade likes climbing in the dog's cage ha!

My boys are just so handsome!!

And to answer your coupon questions : There were a couple of reasons they were so cheap. First of all I used the bogo coupon that came with red plum in the mail. My neighbor let me use hers too. Also, Smiths was having a sale where you buy two and then get a four dollar Catalina (which is kind of like a gift card). I did lots of different transactions and just did two detergents at a time and put the Catalina towards the next transaction. But Smiths isn't doing the Catalina sale for the laundry detergent anymore and that was what made it such a killer deal. Sorry. :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Geeky coupon post!

I got all of this for twenty dollars! Well $20.03 actually!!

And the soup actually cost more, it was sixteen dollars for all the soup (16 cans). Not EXTREMELY great, but Alex can take them to work for lunch. Its the chunky soup so its usually more like two or three dollars a can but I got it for one dollar each.

But you can do the math for the most exciting part!! All of the laundry detergent was only FOUR DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just in case you can't see close enough to count there are TWENTY bottles! And they are each 32 loads. If you can't tell I am very excited about it! I am thinking this will last me well over a year. For FOUR DOLLARS!!! Yeah hoo!!!

** Special thanks to Amy, she is the coupon queen. Even though she will probably never read this.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The things you do to make your kids happy..

Kade has been having a very sad day, well week. Just a little on the whiny, crying side. I think he is teething. So when he pointed me around the house until we got to the pantry I had to give in to him grabbing the bucket of oatmeal. It was cute and the happiness lasted for about 15 minutes or so. Totally worth it. He was so cute!

You may call this a picture overload but the Grandma's say there is no such thing. :)

Apparently they taste funny.

P.S. Did anyone else know that oatmeal doesn't like the vacuum cleaner?

This was just cute.

And there you have it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you think Kade loves the puppy??

Sorry for the picture overload! These two are just so cute together!! Kade is always wondering where the puppy is. And the puppy follows Kade around. Its pretty cute.

Whenever the dog is on the porch Kade sits at the door and talks to him.

Or checks on him.

See the puppy loves Kade too! Aww...
By the way we decided to name him Kal-el. I sure hope I am spelling that right. It is superman's"real" name. Of course Alex would name his dog that. :)

Some random pictures.
I thought this was cute. I sure hope he likes piano! Maybe he just likes being next to Aunt Jer.

And.. look what Kade figured out how to do today. ha!