Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 months old!!!

My little bean is six months! I seriously can't believe we are halfway through the first year! I wont go into detail because we all say the same types of things all the time! Its just unbelievable how fast everything happens! Anyways this boy is so dang cute! He is SO happy! Always smiling! And he is busy, of course. I thought Kade was busy. He was and still is. This is kind of a different busy. People are church hold him and they always say something like "he is wiggly!" or "he moves a lot!". People also often comment on his busy little legs, they dont stop moving! He's always kicking! But he is a content type of busy. He just rolls around and plays all over the living room. He loves to play with toys but more than anything he loves to play with wrappers, packing and bags. I'm there with him, dont worry. When we are eating a bag of carrots he has to play with the bag. He's funny because if he sees something across the room that he wants he just goes nuts! Those legs start going bizerk and he is jumping and reaching as if he thinks he could get to it. We are learning now to figure out what he wants a little sooner. The cute thing is though that he isn't vocal about it, he grunts a bit but he is honestly trying to get it himself. Kade did and still is VERY vocal about things. When Cardon is on the floor and a toy is out of his reach he doesn't freak out about it he just kicks and squirms trying to get it. SO, the point of that long paragraph was to tell you that he is contently busy. Got it?

He is always making this face, perhaps he's just really focused.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I realized I forgot to do a post about somebody for May, a week late but here it is! I love this game because its so funny to see who I draw, its so random!! Shanda and I had a class together in college at SLCC. Yes, I went to college ha! Actually we had a couple. We were both in the elementary education program and we had the gym class together and children's literature. Both probably my favorite classes in the small amount of college I went to. We had so much fun together! The gym class was a child gym class so we played parachutes, crab ball and random games like that. We had so much fun together pretending like we were in elementary school together. I started dating Alex towards the end of that semester and Shanda was always so cute and listened to my giddy stories about him! Its crazy that we have kept in touch for so many years thanks to Facebook and blogger! She has a little boy in the middle of my boys and she is such a great fun Mom! She is an amazing crafter, something I'm REALLY not so its fun to see what she does! We have no pictures together unfortunately so I'll just post a random one of her and her cute boy. (hope you don't mind;) )