Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Tater is two!!!

Its crazy its been two years, this boy is such a delight! Here are some of our favorite things about Kade

  • He is full of zest and enthusiasm! He is intense and most of the time he is intensly happy, every so often he is intense on the other end of the scale.

  • He has passion, or fixation. This will be a great thing if we can keep him fixated on good things in life. I know he will go far because he is determined to do whatever it is he wants to do.

  • He loves to pray! He says a whole prayer by himself in whisper of course. He mentions random things that he says and sometimes mentions random people. But he always prays for Mommy, Daddy and Cardon probably about 8 times or so each. Before meals he reminds us to pray, sometimes we pray three or four times. I'm just glad he likes to pray!

  • He is a little jabber mouth! Some of his words he says in such a funny way! For example window is foonah, ernie is eenaw, shoes - foos and thats all I can think of now. But the funny thing is if we ask him several times because we don't understand what he is saying he often says it the correct way. Silly goose!

  • He knows 16 letters of the alphabet and loves to count. We didn't know he could count but one time alex counted to five and then Kade yelled "Six!" But he doesn't know how to count in order past three. Other than that its the typical six nine eight four six nine six eight...

  • His immagination is really coming out, its hilarious! One day I was cleaning the kithen and he had all the pots and pans out on the floor. He was standing in one and said "Mommy, I shower!" Or another time he was riding a little pink tupperware around making horsey noises and saying "Forsee". One more ; yesterday he was eating lunch and doing wierd things with his kidney beans. Come to find out they were swimming haha! I just love that he imagines things.

  • He loves to cook and to do the dishes. Meaning stir random things in a bowl and just play in the sink. He usually brings Dad a cup of "sauce".

  • He LOOOOVES to dance. Always has. His favorite song is Dynamite by Taio Cruz, he sings along and knows a lot of the words. He also loves to dance along to Madagascar and Ken trying on his clothes on Toy Story 3. He calls them the "Dancing party!"

  • He is not easily distracted, he remembers everything! The other day I unplugged the TV and I told him it was broken. I know i'm awful! After the millionth time of being asked to fix it I told him Daddy would fix it when he got home. Several hours later Kade heard the door opening and ran to Dad to ask him to fix the TV. It was the first thing he said to him. His memory amazes me!

  • Every morning when I pull out an outfit to get him dressed he shakes his head and says "No fit you." He must have picked that up from his last growth spurt!

  • He's a tease, fitting for an April fools baby I suppose. For example again; at night I go in to cover him when he's asleep. He rolled over and looked up at me and I said "I love you Kade". He got his smirk on his face and said "I love you...... chicken" then laughed. Hes so funny!

  • When he does something well he says "Good boy!"

  • He is a little bit OCD about being clean, sometimes. Often times he will go in his room and start singing "Nee ma, nee ma evv bodies" - the clean up song and he will just clean his room. Often times he throws a fit when there is food on his bib and asks for a new one. Often times he will wake up in the morning and ask me to wash his binki. - yes he still sleeps with his binki, but you should hear the way that kid giggles when he has it in his grubby little hands!

  • Every morning when I walk in to get him he says "Ha morning!, GOOOOD morning!"

  • Hes says "yeah" or "yup" at the end of most of his sentances or whenever Alex and I are talking. He just has to be part of our conversation its hilarious.

  • Sometimes he calls his Dad Alex haha!

  • Hes a little dare devil. He likes to swing with out hands, jump up and down on the slide and one time I turned around to see him swinging from the bar about 5 -6 feet off the ground. He freaks me out!

  • He LOVES his little brother! He kisses him at least a thousand times a day. He likes to "cuddle Cardons tummy" by lying on it. When Cardon is lying on the floor Kade is right there on his tummy talking to him, he thinks its hilarious. Cardon usually smiles back at him and I usually cry. Its so cute to see them together already. Today Kade was playing catch with him, tossing the ball by him and picking it up again. When Kade wakes up in the morning he always asks where Cardon is. In fact I'll never forget the first night Cardon was home Kade woke up in the middle of the night and when I went in there he asked where his brother was. I thought it was so sweet. I'm excited to see them become buds!

  • He makes the funniest faces! He always has his tongue out when he is running, dancing jumping or whatever.

  • He has to run, jump or do his hop/skip thing everywhere he goes, he doesn't walk anywhere.

Anyways I could go on and on about how much I love this little boy! Congrats to those of you who made it through this whole thing. Now for the good part. Some amazing pictures by my little sister Dayna! She rocks! She has a facebook page if you want to see more of her stuff, its Dayna Lynn Photography.

More than one way to say..

And here is another way!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does this look like a sick baby?

Yeah, its hard to tell. He is such a sweet boy I didn't realize how sick he was. He has been such a good sport. In fact when I took him in Sunday night he was just laughing waiting for the Dr. to come in. The nurses couldn't get over how happy he was and said he was such a charmer. The worst part of the hospital visit was the exray. Have any of you taken your wee in for one of those? Its awful. They put him in this plastic tube thing that had him sitting up and his arms above his head. He screamed and I sat behing the wall crying myself. So sad. They sent us home with this nebulizer, a bugger sucker machine (AWESOME!!) and some steroids. He LOVES the breathing treatment. They said it might make him wired but he totally relaxes when we turn it not, not so much the case with the bugger sucker though! He is doing much better and is still a happy guy!! To think we ALMOST made it through RSV season!

Oh, and on top of all that he has cut a tooth! I didn't even know it was coming! Hes such a good sport!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Buckle you!

Kade's new fad. He climbs up in his chair and says buckle you. You would think he was going to buckly you, but now he wants to buckle himself. I guess he got that from how he hears it. He can do it, sometimes it takes several minutes. But he doesn't give up. There are a few... several frustrated screams while he is trying.

Tada!!! Its very exciting when you finally "buckle you"! "Again"!

Annnnnd that is how our day has gone. I'm not joking when I tell you he has "Buckled you" for at least an hour today!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Too good not to share!

My sister and I made this today, I think its hilarious so I had to post it here AND on facebook. You may think its lame but I think its that good!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I haven't been a really great blogger lately. I hate to see I'm busy because I have the same amount of time in my day as everyone else. We all have things that need to be done. I've just been doing other things rather than blogging, a lot of that involving cleaning and laundry, something we all do so well right?

I can't help but feel really blessed lately. We have such a great life. I see so much hurt and commotion around us. Japan, people losing loved ones and many friends and family among trials. I just feel so grateful for what we have. I love my little family and our life, I really couldn't wish for anything better.
Here are a few pictures as of late. We went to Colorado last week to visit Alex's brother and his family. We love being there and love love spending time with them. I just wish they lived closer!!

This is Miss Adelaide. She and Cardon are only 8 days apart. Aren't they so cute?

We went to Garden of the Gods. Its this free national park type thing and it made for a perfect Sunday evening walk!
This is at the balancing rock. I just love the scenery behind it! This is out of order of course (Yay blogger!). This little boy has been known to OCCASIONALLY get fixated on things and in this case it was a blue cup! haha! We have no clue what got him thinking that but he was refused to be...cooperative. So he got hauled off. It was time to leave anyways haha! I just love this picture though!

I just love pictures of them walking together. Its hard to tell but Kade is running in this picture. He was trying to hard to keep up with Connor and Orson and they are pretty quick. Kade was running so stinking fast, too fast actually and he biffed it like a few thousand times. But he popped right back up and tried to catch up with them again. Isn't Alex sick?!? haha, I can't really pull that off can I?

Kade had to climb up into the stroller to give his brother some love! Then he was back to running. Kade and Tens, they were so cute playing together! Don't be fooled, he was only in that stroller for maybe 3 minutes and then he was back to running with the boys.

Is this not the cutest picture you ever did see? Kade spent probably 90 percent of his waking hours outside with his cousins. He was in heaven! They have this ball tied to a string hanging from a tree that he would hit with a baseball and he thought it was awesome! He kept saying "Mommy, mommy, mommy, Daddy,Daddy watch me! here it comes! Woo hoo!! hahahah! watch Mommy woo hoo! I'm running! Oopsie! I hit it! Watch me woo hoo!" He thought it was great!

This is Kade's new thing. First of all he sleeps with a gajillion things! He has like 3 blankies, a bear, a baby bear, tigger, some books,a flashlight to look at the books, a picture of Aunt Marne' and of course the bink. He likes to pile them all up at one end of the crib and lie or sit on top of them. Quite often he falls asleep like that and I think its quite funny. I just would love to know what goes on inside his crazy little head! This dude is getting so cute! I never did a 3 month post, maybe it was denial and maybe it was because we were out of town... Idk. But he's 3 months now! To celebrate he has been sleeping 12 hours at night since his 3 month b-day! He's awesome! He wakes up so happy!

I watch my cousins girls a couple of times a week. Kade loves having friends over and I am LOVING teaching him NOT to hit. :) We are getting there. They all really do have a good time together and I love seeing what they come up with!

We went sledding a few weeks ago and it was seriously one of the funnest days in my life! I actually like snow when I have kids to enjoy it with!
Just a cute random pic of my boys!
Hope you are all doing well!