Thursday, August 28, 2008

First doctors visit :)

We had been soo excited for this appointment that it was like Christmas morning yesterday! I woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep I was so excited! We have an ultrasound picture but I am still figuring out how to get it on here, so you will see it eventually. Even though you can't really tell much. haha!! We also got to hear the heartbeat! He said you can't really hear it tell week 12 or 14 but he said we got lucky because we heard it! And we have it on our little DVD so we can listen to it whenever we want! Also, we thought I was about 9 1/2 weeks but we are actually at 8, as you will see the digression in our little floating baby. It is such a gift to have a week and a half of morning sickness back. ha! Ok I know it would have been the same anyways, but I was counting how many days I thought I had left. haha! But its really not that bad. We are just sooo excited! Alex is so cute and excited! He told me he had to take the ultrasound picture to work so he could make copies, which he did. But I think a lot of that reasoning was so he could show off the picture, which is also did! He has been so sweet to me and he is really going to be the greatest dad ever!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 year Anniversary

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary! I really cannot believe how fast these two years have gone by. Part of my feels like I was just single going to college and on institute council. The other part of me feels like I have been with Alex forever and I can't even remember not being with him. He is so amazing! Falling in love with him was the funnest and best thing I have ever done! He is so fun to be married to! He is always making me laugh and coming up with crazy things. I am so so blessed to have him. He is sooo good to me! He will be such a wonderful Daddy!

Last Friday we went to a Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake. It was fun to get away but we were a little disappointed with the place, but that's OK. The saddest part was when we tried to turn on the Olympics, channel five was the only one that wouldn't come it. So after they were over we figured out that if you push the T.V. video button channel five works just fine! So we missed some precious Olympic time! ha! After dinner we walked down to watch the tour of Utah face that was in down town that night. It was actually really exciting to watch. It was a time trial so they went around a couple blocks for an hour and a half. Alex was so cute and excited about it! I have a video of it and that is about all I have from the weekend. Anyways... Thanks Alex for such an awesome 2 years!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry its so fuzzy. It was taken with my phone because that is what I had available! Ha!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


There are three things I want to do with my blog but I haven't a clue how! So if anyone could give me some guidance that would be greatly appreciated!

A : I want to get one of those this is what your baby looks like right now things. haha!!
B : I would like to have one of those things that tells you the last update under the blog name of all our friends.
C : I don't know how to make certain words a link.
I know I am crazy but it frustrates me that I cant figure these stupid things out!!! hahahaha!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pre-mortal hitchhiker!!

We are going to be parents!! Woo hoo we are so excited!!! We have been wanting and praying for this for almost a year and we can't believe it is really happening! Its been incredible because we were told by the doctor that it was not going to happen this month! So we were totally shocked and we couldn't be happier! Alex has been telling everyone he talks to that he is going to be a daddy! He is so excited! He is already talking to my belly. He says "Baby.. I am your father!" Yeah he must think he is Darth Vator or something! Hahaha! But anyways we are sooo very excited!!