Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can you believe your eyes?!?!

Yes, I'm actually posting something. I'm such a slacker, its not that we aren't doing anything worth blogging, its just that I have chosen to do other things with my time. But I do want to stick with my highlighting a reader thing so I have to do at least on post to do that. So really, that is my motivation. I mostly will post pictures. And WOW has it been a while since I even downloaded pictures from my camera!

In no particular order we have been....

Duck feeding

mess making

Candy eating, I mean parade watching

family reunion-ing

Cardon and Addie 8 days apart
Kade and Bella 6 months apart


cousin playing
and I am most happy to announce UN SWADDLING!!! Cardon has not been able to sleep unless he has been swaddled. I have been wrapping him in my belly band and velcroing him tight! If he got out at all he would wake up. Well it was getting dangerous and just ridiculous so we broke him out it. It was a sad week... ish. But we got past it and he's doing great!
Quick funny Kade story. Some of you have already heard this but its worth telling again I believe. Plus my crazy mom brain might not remember it in years to come. Anyways... At church on Sunday I had Kade out in the foyer for some reason or another. As we were walking back in I told him to please fold his arms. So he walked down the whole isle with his arms sticking straight out to his sides. He sure knows how to show me doesn't he?!?!?

Well anyways I hope you are all having a great summer!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've been a horrible blogger and the pod thing was a bust but I want to keep up the reader highlighter thing. Perhaps I'll pick up with the pod thing again one day. :)

Kasey recently moved into our ward here in Ogden and she really is amazing! You wont believe her story. They were married for ten months and had twins. Ten months later and another set of twins!! Then like sixteen months later had another baby! FIVE KIDS UNDER THREE!!! Now you agree with me don't you? :) She takes all five kids shopping by herself, she does crafts with them, she braves church by herself and takes them on walks! I think I would be doing pretty well to have all kinds dressed by the time we needed to get ready for bed!! She is a sweet, fun person and I'm so glad she moved into our ward!