Thursday, February 26, 2009

New preggo and baby pictures

Here is a very flattering picture of me at 34 weeks. :) I am only doing this because I know I will regret not having pictures at some point in my life. Ha!! Also, I mentioned to the photographer that I would like to have my face not in the picture which is why I look like I am not paying attention. I thought my face would be out of it. Oh well!

And here are the latest of the 3d pictures. Sure looks like a happy fellow huh!!! I think we just woke him up so that is why he looks so grouchy. Its ok Kade, Dad doesn't like to be woken up either :) (I have no idea if I am saying that right. Waken up, waked up.??? I dont know!)

Oh, and by the way this little slugger is already 6 POUNDS!!! The doctor said he is probably over estimating a little bit but still!! I have 6 weeks to go and he is already as big as some full term babies!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The yawn

This is from my appointment last week. I know its kinda hard to see but hopefully you can tell. Its just of Kade's head and he yawns! I think it is just too cute. We put the yawn on there twice. Hopefully you can see it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sons of Helaman

I have a tendency like my Father, that when I find something I love to do I become passionate about it. I remember as a little boy I didn't just love soccer, I was passionate about it. I would walk down to stoker field in a blizzard, in the middle of January with my soccer ball and play for hours in the snow! I'm pretty sure I was dropped as a kid... or ate, bad fruit or something. Anyway! I have that same kind of passion for the field I am going into, I love the youth and believe they need extra help. I have had a long term goal to graduate in social work and eventually have my PHD. I want to work with adolescents, in a general definition of the term. Lately, I have had ideas about pornography addiction and how to help a young man overcome it. I have come across a training program for young men struggling with pornography addiction. It is called Sons of Helaman and it provides the necessary tools for a young man to overcome the ravages of satan and his minions. Through the brilliance of Maurice Harker I have already learned so much about this field. I don't look at it as a part time job. I have been and am becoming more and more passionate about this field. It is an area that is barely touched that needs the most attention. I am indebted to Danl for listening to me work through a lot of thoughts and new ideas so patiently. Maybe it will give me a bit more confidence getting ready to be a Dad! Good thing Danl's perfect!