Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The boy loves water!

Best ten bucks ever spent!
Its more fun when Daddy swims too.
Irrigating day is HEAVEN for Kade. He loves to just kick around in the water.

That water is freezing! But he doesn't mind.

And once your in there you might as well do the ditch dance! (Kade will dance at any given opportunity!)

How cute are these boys!

You can tell how much he loves his Daddy!!

Especially because he has a funny Adams apple.
He is pretty much the cutest kid ever! .... SO far.

Here is a video of the ditch dance. (Don't you hate hearing and seeing yourself on video! Bah!)

Its a .....


I'm so excited for Kade to have a little buddy!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm thinking Alex wants a girl....

We bought a few dresses at a garage sale, just in case. Figured we use them eventually. Today I turned around to find this. Kade actually thought it was hilarious. He was totally hamming it up and making funny faces. Hes such a goof!!

This is Kade twirling!! Hahahaha!!

p.s the boy girl poll is up so vote away!!! You have only 9 more days! I really wish it was less. I can't wait!

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day!! Kade is one lucky little boy!!!

And Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is how Kade spent his morning

It doesn't matter how many popsicles I give him, he's right back there banging on the freezer door whining for more. Is it mean to think he's funny? haha!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the past month we have.....
*Gone bowling/mini golfing with Brandy and the boys

Kade thought it was so frustrating that he couldn't pick up those heavy bowling balls haha!! And he kept going to the air thing (where he is in the picture) and saying "Ahhh" and lying his face on the air. He's so funny!

*Gardening and irrigating.
Kade loves the water! He had a blast splashing in the little puddles.

Here is the El Jardine!! Well part of it. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and since then it has grown so much with all the rain! So I will update on the garden shortly. The other day we got 7 strawberries! I was thrilled!

* Learning new tricks. He thought this was funny walking along the foot rests. Probably because it was risky.. We are wondering how long this kid will go with out stitches or a broken arm. He loves to climb on things. He likes to climb up on boxes or laundry baskets and dance, he likes to climb on that futon and try to climb up the back. We are needing to watch him closer and closer. Such a funny kid!
*Working out! Babies are good for chest presses right???
* Polishing shoes........ He is so wierd!!

*Watching Baby Einsteins.
I have no idea why he was lying like this. He looked like a 4 month old grabbing his feet like that haha!
*Chilling on the porch. We do this a lot, and it is usually accompanied by Popsicles.
* Goofing off.
*Visiting graves for memorial day.
Which Alex takes very seriously!
Is this not the cutest picture ever??? They look so happy! I love it!

* Not pictured... the Skelton family reunion. We forgot our camera! Doy! Who does that??? But we went to the lake and Kade was in heaven. He walked right into the water up to his shoulders and squealed with delight!! He loved playing at the beach. Grandma Skelton took pictures but she is taking FOREVER to upload them hahahaha! Teasing Mom! When I get them I will post them because I am sure they are cute!

Also I tried to post a video of Kade dancing. I'm so so bummed it didn't work because I think its hilarious!! I will try to put it on facebook so look there. Kade is always dancing, even when he is eating. Its hilarious. He certainly has a beat in his head constantly.

Oh and the best part of the "latly's" is NOT THROWING UP!! I have hardly been sick with this one. Weird I know but I'll take it!! Its going by so much faster and I am soo grateful that this pregnancy is going so well! Its almost no real, except I can already tell my pants are getting tighter. Boo!!!