Thursday, April 28, 2011


I just LOOVE this little boy!

I haven't uploaded pictures from my in forever so I had a hard time picking A favorite, so maybe a few. I just haven't posted pictures of Cardon in a while and he is changing so much and getting SO cute!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New games

So I have a friend that does this gold star contest for her blog and whoever has the most gold stars at the end of the "blog year" wins! She does a really nice post about them and it got me thinking. I wonder what she would write about me? Vain I know! Then I thought everyone likes what people think of them right?! And we all need to hear positive things once in a while. So then I thought it would be fun to randomly do a post about my readers like once a month or so. Then I was thinking why don't I do a drawing every month and whoever and then do a post about the name I draw out, not to make it a contest but because that's the best random selection way I could come up with. So.. for every comment for the month I'll put your name in a drawing and then at the end of the month I'll do a post about you!

The P.O.D
Growing up we had something called the S.O.D. Without fail someone would always spill a glass of water at dinner time and so became the "Spill of the day" thus the S.O.D Enter P.O.D My other thought was that I wanted to do something a little different-ish for my blog. I'm lame and whenever I post its a smorgasbord of pictures a whole lot of words. So I'm going to post a "Picture of the Day". To be realistic it probably but be everyday. But rather than a catch up of random things I am going to post a picture here and there of our day to day things. Just cute pictures that don't fit anywhere else besides a smorgasbord I suppose.

So for today's POD!

Again these are my cousins girls who have been watching a few days a week lately. Kade loves having friends over and they find the funniest "games" to play together!

Anyways, here's to hoping my new ideas work out!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I started this post a while ago and so it posted way down in the blog. So here is the link!