Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pickin grapes

We have a concord grape vine in our yard. Kade loves to go over and pick the "balls" and eat them.

They are REALLY sour still, as you can see.

So maybe they are better just for throwing.

Either way he thinks the grapes are pretty GRRREAT! (Yeah I'm that cheesy ha!)

P.S. If you want to make grape juice this fall let me know. We will have TONS of extra grapes so come and get them! It will probably be another month or so at least before they are ready.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And it happened again.

Hahaha this kid cracks me up! I know you're probably thinking "well he didn't just climb into the sink." So I will tell you how he ended up here. I was washing him up after his sticky snack, I feel like everything I was this kids hands and face its like giving him a quick bath in the sink! Anyways, I know of set him on the counter while washing him and he just climbed in. He was so excited I couldn't make him get down. Plus it keeps him busy. Silly boy. This really does give me hope for the winter though. I have been really worried how he would do inside all day.See look how happy he is!!

He even figured out how to make it spray.
The only problem is that he figured out how to turn the water up, so he's not just content with a little drizzle anymore ha!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So much for keeping Kade dry today..

atleast there is hope for the winter. Perhaps this is what we will be doing!

And here are some pictures of us at the Raptor game because it was fun and I know you want to see them. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 years with this dude!

Jealous yet?!?!
Yeah I figured you would be. :)
Thanks for ALWAYS making me laugh!
Love you Alex!!!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally posting the cruz

So this is jumbled and took FOREVER! I don't even know if blogging is worth it anymore. That was such a pain! But that's just my feelings right now. Hopefully they change. :) Anyways, this is probably a long boring post but for journaling purposes, here it is!
The big big big big boat as Kade would say.

Just an example of what Kade's ride was like. You do whatever you can to keep a kid happy in the car right? He actually did amazingly well!! He was so so good in the car for such a long drive!So we left Friday afternoon and stayed a couple nights with a friend in Vegas. This is to prove we were there.

We went to Monterrey Bay with Kade. We didn't tell him to kiss the fish, he just did. It was cute ... but also gross haha!
Kade followed these kids around, he was so fascinated with the boy on the lefts hair. He kept trying to touch it haha!!
Then Sunday afternoon after church we headed to Cali. Can I just say the the 82 degrees was far better than the 113 of Vegas?!?! We went for an evening beach walk.

Pictures are out of order of course but this was on the way down the stairs to the beach. Kade was so excited to get to the beach. He was not happy about turning around for a picture!
Then Monday morning my family made it to Cali. Quick story interjection. So my family left Sunday after church planning to stay the night in Vegas then finish the drive Monday morning. Well they forgot the folder with everybody's birth certificates and such. So they had to turn around. Luckily Jer's boyfriend met them part of the way and saved them several hours. So they had to drive all night to make it to Cali in time. Anyways, while we were waiting to board the ship we decided to go to the beach. We all got more soaked than we were thinking and had to board the ship in stinky wet clothes, but it was worth it.
This is pretty much what Kade did the whole time. He loved having his own little pool!
I know, I'm really brave letting them take my boy out there. The picture still scares me! I don't know what I was thinking!!
I just love this picture because obviously something funny is happening!

So on Catalina Island we decided to rent bikes. It really was a lot of fun, and kind of a circus. We looked like the Von Trapp family riding around town!

Kade did not love his helmet, but he looked so cute!

We decided it would be fun to see this bell tower thing or whatever it was. So we rode our BEACH CRUISERS UP the hill that the locals told us wasn't steep. Can I just say I was dying?! So we get all the way up there to find out they charge five dollars a person to walk even further to see it. We decided it wasn't really worth it...
And rode back down. :)
Also on the Island was a guy singing and playing his guitar. Kade loves to dance so he went up in front of him and started dancing. He was a hit. A huge crowd gathered around to watch him. It was hilarious! I wish I could post a video on here but its on the video camera and I don't know how to get it on here. Boo!
Of course we had to get a picture with the singer dude!
This is Catalina. It really is pretty, and I'm sure its even prettier WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT!!
Kade and Grandma, I just thought this was a sweet picture.
My family kayaked in Catalina. They said the water was so pretty and clear they could see their feet!
My seesters.
And broooders.
And pa of course!

On the ship eating dinner.Ok #1 two hours is a long time for a one year old to spend eating dinner. We did what ever it took to keep him happy, ie eating butter packets. By the last couple of nights we figured out bringing the DVD player doy. It certainly helped!
#2 Maybe you all already know this but children don't eat great on vacation so.... we kind of just went with whatever. I don't know how he starved on that trip. He wouldn't eat!
And the melting cake! So so good! Kind of like Chili's molton lava cake. But we were craving melting cake when we got home so we went and got molton lava cake and it was so disappointing compared to the melting cake! It is sooo good!
Cool little fruit figures they made.

This is in Ensendada. Its the bufadora or blow hole. Pretty cool actually. I would watch it forever. On the way up to the blow hole you walk along all these shops. Its cool because you can get cheap things but those guys are a bit overwhelming! Being in Ensenada made me so grateful for our lives. We really are so blessed. People from other countries really are so poor and they work so hard! The people working on our cruise ships work so so hard and never see their families. Again we are soo blessed!
This is at the beach at Ensenada, it was so cold! I didn't want to get in but my fam did and Kade looooved the beach that day!