Sunday, May 22, 2011


Lately, Alex has been working VERY hard in the yard (when the weather is cooperative). He was saying something about feeling like he would never get the extra yard projects done because there was just so much to do. I told him I knew exactly how he felt! And not to take away from his hard hard work, but I told him to imagine starting again each day and everything you did the day before has been undone! It makes it nearly impossible to get to those EXTRA projects!

Humor me...

The dishes you washed are now dirty
The fridge you filled is now empty
The nose you wiped is again snotty
The drawers filled with clean, organized clothes are now disorganized and empty
The hamper you emptied is now full (I will never understand how a certain someone LOVES laundry!!)
The toys you picked up are again scattered
The meal you cook is no longer, and it is time to make another
The floor you moped (minutes ago) is now sticky

You get the idea and are familiar I'm sure. At the end of the day there is no PROOF! I tell Alex I feel like I just run around in circles all day long. The things I do, don't grab your attention like a newly planted flower bed, or some other glamorous project.

I know I know most of you are thinking "try adding a few extra kids to that!" Yes I will and I fully expect things to get worse!

In fact I was speaking of this subject to my Mother recently she said "Oh, Danelle! How I dreamed this day would come and you would understand!"

Allthough there isn't proof ... there is satisfaction.

Like when somebody like this

Looks at you like this
Or somebody like this

Says his own sweet simple prayer

Or watches you out the window and tells you "Thank you for taking out the garbage Mommy!"

And there are times when things like this happen.

All those things are reminders to me that there really is proof! I'm not just running around in circles. And there really is something glamorous about this project.

I can keep doing those same things day to day even if there isn't proof because even though those things don't bring me happiness and joy.... they really do!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pod: then and now

And a close up of this cutie!

Monday, May 2, 2011

whos who pod

So I was actually going to just post a picture of Cardon now and Kade at the same age because I feel like they are starting to look more and more alike. So as I was looking at Kades 4 month pictures I was amazed at how much they really DO look alike. When Cardon was born I didn't think they looked much alike but in these pictures they really do!

Then I thought at about 1 month they didnt look alike but the do a bit, not as much as they do now though!

So here they are at about four months. I put Cardon in the same shirt just for fun.

I can certainly still tell them apart but maybe that is because I'm the Mom. Can you?? Too bad there are dates are some pictures... haha!

Oh and while looking for a baby picture of Cardon I realized my whole file of December 2011 pictures is gone!! I'm hoping we can recover it somehow! It might be on the old computer. I hope I hope I hope I hope. I feeling sick about it right now!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


So I did a drawing for all the comments for the month of April! Its actually kind of fun because I was thinking about all the wonderful things about all of you as I wrote down your names. You guys
are all awesome just so you know. But for April my friend Sharli is the winner! I'm so excited!

I just love Sharli. She is probably one of the most hilarious and random people I know! We knew each other in Jr. High and were in band together. I remember going to her house one time. But then she moved away and that was that. THEN in the summer of 2006 I showed up for my first week of EFY to find Sharli there! We started visiting a bit and worked most of our sessions together. We rode together to Provo and ended being co-counselors for my very last session! That was by far my most favorite session! We had a blast and laughed probably more than all of my EFY weeks! Sharli is seriously hilarious! We had so much fun together sharing funny stories about our girls and staying up late and partying with them! She is just always a fun person to be around! I love reading her blog because she is hilarious even there! I would share it but I'm not sure if she wants me to.... But Sharli rocks!!! So there you have it!