Sunday, May 22, 2011


Lately, Alex has been working VERY hard in the yard (when the weather is cooperative). He was saying something about feeling like he would never get the extra yard projects done because there was just so much to do. I told him I knew exactly how he felt! And not to take away from his hard hard work, but I told him to imagine starting again each day and everything you did the day before has been undone! It makes it nearly impossible to get to those EXTRA projects!

Humor me...

The dishes you washed are now dirty
The fridge you filled is now empty
The nose you wiped is again snotty
The drawers filled with clean, organized clothes are now disorganized and empty
The hamper you emptied is now full (I will never understand how a certain someone LOVES laundry!!)
The toys you picked up are again scattered
The meal you cook is no longer, and it is time to make another
The floor you moped (minutes ago) is now sticky

You get the idea and are familiar I'm sure. At the end of the day there is no PROOF! I tell Alex I feel like I just run around in circles all day long. The things I do, don't grab your attention like a newly planted flower bed, or some other glamorous project.

I know I know most of you are thinking "try adding a few extra kids to that!" Yes I will and I fully expect things to get worse!

In fact I was speaking of this subject to my Mother recently she said "Oh, Danelle! How I dreamed this day would come and you would understand!"

Allthough there isn't proof ... there is satisfaction.

Like when somebody like this

Looks at you like this
Or somebody like this

Says his own sweet simple prayer

Or watches you out the window and tells you "Thank you for taking out the garbage Mommy!"

And there are times when things like this happen.

All those things are reminders to me that there really is proof! I'm not just running around in circles. And there really is something glamorous about this project.

I can keep doing those same things day to day even if there isn't proof because even though those things don't bring me happiness and joy.... they really do!


Grandma T said...

It's touching that you can see beyond those runny noses, sticky floors and dirty clothes. I've always said, babies turn girls in to women. Now I've learned that those same babies turn women into grandmas!

SHALEY said...

Wow what a sweet post. You keep making me look forward to the day I have kids. I miss you!

Tiffany said...

Too cute Danelle, love this post :) That's why I'm looking at blogs this morning, because I'm trying to talk myself in to starting all over again this morning :)

Sharli said...

This is adorable. Also, my mother-in-law loves doing laundry too. I don't get it.

Jessica said...

Big Smile. Cute.

JACK's house said...

Amen sister! That was a fabulous post!

cskelton said...

I remember burn out after burn out, and gathering myself again to start all over again. One thing I’ve learned is that no phase lasts forever, one melts into the next. I remember one mother of a very large family that intentionally left her children's dirty hand prints on her front door, because one day they would be gone forever.

Love you, love this entry. You are a very wise young wife and mother.

Cody and Natalie said...

Oh danelle. That was beautiful. You made me cry as I was reading that. I feel the same way, yet I have never been able to word it as good as that.
And now Cody is going to have one more reason to get annoyed at me because I don't know that I want to clean off the dirty hand prints anymore either.

Kasey said...

Oh Danelle..thanks for the tears! Man alive do I know that feeling!! That was beautiful though and such a wonderful reminder! Love it! Thank you!!

EmilynBen said...

Well said!! What a sweet post and so true!!

Lindsey Wing said...

You have such a darling family..your boys are little studs. It was so fun to see you the other day!!

Tara Cottle Martin said...

Awesome post Danelleeeee!