Sunday, May 31, 2009


My friend Brighton was 23 weeks along when her water broke. So she is in the hospital until the baby comes. Alex and I got to watch her 18 month old last week and it was a lot of fun! It was a good experience for me to learn how to take care of two babies. I know it was only for a week, but I survived and it gave me the confidence to have more kids. :) Ha!
Lilia loved Kade! She got a little jealous of him sometimes but every time she woke up she would ask for the baby or tell me "Shh, baby". She is a cutie! She loved holding and kissing Kade, we had to watch her closely because sometimes she tried to pick him up. Here are a few pictures with her and Kade. In the 1st one she is trying to clean him. ha

Here are some pictures of Kade and Alex. Kade loves his Dad and was all smiles the other night while Alex was talking to him. They are such a cute pair! I sure love my boys! This first one is cuter if you look at it big. His smile is so cute but its hard to tell with it small.

Tonight I tried cutting Alex's hair. I know its hard to tell in this picture but its not too bad for the first hair cut I have ever done!
You don't want to make this guy mad!! hahah jk!

* Kade has his two month appointment on Thursday and we are so excited to see how much he has grown! I swear its a ton because last week he was eating about every two hours during the day. He still slept well at night, he just added in an extra feeding but I swear he has grown tons in the last week! He has been doing a lot of fun things lately but I will tell more about those when I post his stats.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol party

Last night we went to an American Idol party and it was lots of fun! I just love BBQ's! I could probably have on every night of the summer and not get sick of them. I was totally shocked when they announced Kris's name! I was so excited! I totally thought Adam was going to win. Its so funny because all season everyone has been saying that Adam was for sure going to win and I did too. But I think that when Danny got kicked off Kris got all of his votes. Anyways here are a few pictures. The first one is kind of dark but its of everyone there and the rest are of Kade of course! :)

Like Kade's shirt? My friend Bayly helped me make it. It says American Idols littlest fan!

Last Saturday Alex rode the Salt Lake Century. Its a one hundred mile ride which I think sounds miserable but Alex loved it! In fact he was feeling so good and enjoying himself so much that he just kept on riding through lunch (They provide a lunch there). So about Fifty miles into it Alex ran out of water and also realized it was not such a great idea to skip lunch. But he kept going! He got some water and ate some licorice and cliff gummy things and then he had enough energy to finish. After he finished the race he sent me a text that said "I'm dying I really am dying. Tell Kade I finished the race and I had huge muscles, goodbye my love". haha!! I thought it was so cute that he wanted to make sure that his son knew he finished the race. Anyways Kade and I are both so proud of Alex! That is a long way to go plus he did it in about five hours! I think that would take me weeks at least! Good job Alex!

I don't have a picture of the race so here is random picture of him riding.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We need....

I saw this on a friends blog and I thought it was a hilarious tag. You type in "Danelle needs" or your own name obviously and then see what comes up. hahaha!

Danelle needs more self-respect when it comes to the boys she chooses. Actually I have two very wonderful boys in my life right now. :)
Danelle needs a state identification card
Danelle needs a day off. Actually I really REALLY like my job right now. Being a Mom is the best!
Danelle needs a new nickname. Ok.... lets see what you can come up with :) ha!
Danelle needs a cheap cheap cheap notebook.
Danelle needs to be attuned to how she is feeling.
Danelle needs to be re-evaluated.
Danelle needs money for cat food. I don't think so. No offense to you cat lovers but I am not one.
Danelle needs to finish the song in style, even if her spelling is a bit shaky. Ok whatever that means ha!
Danelle needs to get some sort of backbone transplant

Alex needs more than just a rat trap
Alex needs full backing of Man. Ok these aren't making any sense at all!
Alex needs a new house. True true. We would love to have a house of our own!
Alex needs the boot. I don't think so. I kinda like having him around. :)
Alex needs anger management to curb his violent ways. This is totally untrue. Those of you who know Alex know that he hardly ever gets mad.
Alex needs Rooney to serve up a birthday treat. Yeah man!
Alex needs heart surgery. I hope not!
Alex Needs You!
Alex needs podium to stay in the hunt.
Alex needs a leopard hat. Hahaha!!
Alex needs to finish reading a manuscript full of typos. Ok this one is so funny because one of Alex's BIGGEST pet peeves is typos. He is always making fun of me and others because of them.

And of course we need a cute picture of Kade!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I never thought I would be so grateful for a blow out!

So Kade has been a little backed up lately and has had a gassy tummy. We have tried gas drops, Vaseline, and giving him a little bit of juice. Nothing worked. The poor boy just grunted a screamed he was so frustrated. So we took him to our Chiropractor. You may think we are crazy but he doesn't pop his back or anything like that. He finds pressure points and just touches him with his fingers on his belly and chest. Its pretty amazing to see how relaxed Kade gets!! So about two hours after we got home Kade had a major blow out! Up the back, out the sides and everything! I was so amazed that the Chiropractor could help a backed up baby. We took him again a few days later and he helped him work out the gas and now our happy little baby is back!

I just like this picture. He is just so darn cute!

Still trying to catch a good smile on camera... not quite there yet. But check out those cute dimples!

We decided to go on a family walk last night. We have always loved Farmington but you really enjoy it more when you walk through it. Went down to the animal path behind Lagoon. Alex was so excited to see the animals. He is trying to call to them in that picture. What a goof!!

We think Kade is getting a TAD colicky. He really is such a good baby but he gets a bit fussy sometimes. He loves being outside and looking outside. So this is Alex's way of showing Kade the outdoors. Sometimes we open the front door and just stick his carrier in the doorway so he can watch outside. He loves it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blessing day and other sundry things.

Sorry for the lack in posting. I really love love being a mom but I just don't think the rest of the world would be that interested in my daily routine of feeding, diaper changing, Binky getting, cleaning, cooking.... you all know how it is. So although everyday is eventful for us, its not really that exciting to blog about. But we did bless Kade last Friday. Alex's brother just older than him is in the air force and being reassigned. He was only here for a couple of days last week and then he will be gone the rest of the summer. We wanted to have him here so we did the blessing at my parents church and then had dinner at their house afterward. It was a little late in the evening and we have been dreaming of summer a little too much I guess and planned to eat outside and it was FREEZING!! Thanks to all who survived the cold to support us! Alex did a wonderful job and gave Kade a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and how it blesses our lives and especially for a husband who honors his Priesthood. It was such a great day to be with family and bless our little boy. I still can't believe little Kade is ours. We love him so much and we love having our little family!
Here is a little family picture. I couldn't find our camera that day... I know very convenient! (Thanks Mom in law for the pics.) I also forgot to ask someone to take a picture of Kade in his blessing suit so I will have to put him back in it and get a picture. He looked so cute!! His amazing Grandma made his suit and did such a wonderful job. She measured him for it about 2 1/2 weeks before the blessing. We figured he would grow and boy did he! The suit that should have been to his ankles, went to his knees . So he had nickers. It was so cute. I will get a picture on here later.

Friday was also Alex's Birthday!!! His mom made a yummy cake! Alex didn't want to make a big deal out of his birthday so he suggested saying happy B-day Alex & Kade on the cake. Blessing/Birthday. Yeah he is clever! :)

My silly mother got him once of those bike ding-a-ling-er things and this is him opening it.

Kade has started smiling lately and it is the cutest ever! However it is very hard to get on camera because every time we get the camera out he is so intrigued by it he stops smiling to look at it. So here is a picture of his sorta smile. He smiles bigger than this but here is a sampling.

Here is a picture of the cute little guy looking at his toys. He is starting to interact more and more. He is so fun! The other day he grabbed a handful of his hair but of course didn't know it. His face was so funny! He looked so confused as to why his head was hurting. I wish I could have taken a picture before I helped him let go of his hair. Silly boy!
Alex may dislike the fact that I posted this picture so it may be coming down later. But I wanted to show you what a hard working Dad Kade has. Alex gets up so very early in the morning to go to work. Then he comes home and helps me out with everything! I feel bad sometimes that I get to stay home all day with this perfect little boy while Alex has to leave and work. But he is a good family supporter and we love him for it! This is him totally zonked because he was so tuckered out yesterday. haha!! Who cuddles with a computer??
Boy he is cute! Now we know where Kade gets his good looks!!

Isn't he so handsome?! :)
Big yawn!!! I just love this picture of him. I just think he looks so cute!

And for those of you who are wondering, yes I am excited for American Idol tonight! GO KRIS!!!