Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A day at Highland High....Juntos!

So... a couple of Saturdays ago Alex and I went with Marne' (Alex's younger sister) to a book signing for Stephanie Meyers at Highland High. I have never read the series but maybe I should and then I will understand the meaning behind the hundreds of screaming girls! Well anyways, it took forever to get the book signed and Alex and I got a little bored waiting. So some of you will figure you just wasted your time reading this but we thought it was kinda funny so we are blogging about it.

So we started out playing cards in the cafeteria , but when that got old we decided to start exploring. The famous Stephanie Meyers was in the auditorium speaking and you had to have a ticket to get in so we were out of luck, well kinda I guess. (Maybe I am really missing out on something with these books!)

The first thing we found in our explorations was the fantastic volleyball game! That kept us entertained for about maybe thirty minutes. Then we were back to exploring!

You are probably thinking who takes a picture of a door?? Well, most of the doors at the school were closed and locked... not that we were trying to get it anywhere ;) but this one was cracked open. So I opened it and it was pitch black. Alex followed me and we started heading down what looked like some kind of hallway by the light of our cell phones. All of a sudden a light came on and this guy came around the corner. He said Hi all confused and then Alex the quicker thinker said " Is Jake here? Jake Johnson?" The guy said "no... this is the sound booth". Hahahaha! He totally bought it and let us look out at Stephanie Meyers and I swear I almost passed out! :)

On to the science hall. It was actually pretty cool, they had glass windows on top of a lot of the classrooms with a creepy doll and lots of animals. It was almost better than the Zoo!!

Then Alex found this little theater thing and look what we found....

A dramatic reading! (And singing!)

It was about civil rights or something and we
watched it for a little while and then we had enough.

We went back to playing cards and somehow that turned into card throwing, which is our new hobby! I wish I had some pictures of that because it was hilarious to see several decks of cards scattered across the cafeteria. The final event of the day is included in this video of Alex beating up Marne'. This story is probably pretty lame to you, but it was a very funny day for us as our life is so un-eventful!

Sorry the quality is not the best, its from my phone. ha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My stud-man husband!

So Alex sent me a text message yesterday afternoon saying that he was going for a run. About an hour later the kids I nanny for came running inside saying "Alex is laying on the driveway!" This is what I found when I came out! Now keep in mind that we live in Farmington and I nanny in West Bountiful. We clocked his run and it was 5.6 miles. This is a lot considering Alex hasnt been running much in the past couple years and then he just jumped up and ran 5.6 miles one day! Good work Alex!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol!!

We love love love watching American Idol! Well at least I love it and I think Alex just likes it. He is a good sport and watches it with me but I am sure he wouldn't watch it if I wasn't around! Ha Ha! We are thinking Syesha will being going home this week even though I think she is awesome. She just works so hard and keeps getting better and better. But it will be fun to have both the David's in the top two. We love David Archuleta because he is amazing and of course because he is from Utah! It will be fun to see who wins! Anyways, I know I am crazy for making a post about American Idol, but blogs are for posting things about your life, and I love American Idol so there!

We are now bloggers!

So we have been debating about a blog for a while but I finally decided to follow the crowd and set one up. I apologize in advance for boring people because our lives aren't too fascinating. Ha! If you have a blog please let me know so I can add you on our list thing whenever I figure that out. I am not so good with the computer stuff! But Im sure I will learn as I go! We are open for any advice, about computers or whatever you want to tell us! :)