Thursday, April 29, 2010

catch up... picture overload style.

And of course they are out of order because thats just the way blogger is.

The other night after family scripture study Kade just carried the Book of Mormon all around the house with him. I think he is preparing. :)

So a couple of nights ago we decided we need to encourage Kade more to eat, or at least TRY what we are eating. You can tell by the look on his face it didn't go over so well. It was a night of tantrums, food throwing, kicking and screaming. He actually went to bed hungry, not because we made him but because he got so mad that he we couldn't get him to eat ANYTHING. But I am happy to report that the next night went MUCH better. The battle wasn't totally lost. But I will say this : THE BOY HAS SOME DETERMINATION!! And we really haven't a clue where he got it. ;)
Our MANY stormy days are spent like this. He is like a puppy dog, he whines and bangs on the door ALL DAY LONG!

Once in a while the door is unlatched and he can sneak out.

Freedom!!!! (why is everything underlined all of a sudden!!? Bah!)

But then something like this happens... We are referring to the bruise, not the motorcycle. The motorcycle is probably one of the reasons he tries to escape. But it just so happens to make little boys bruises feel better.
He spends so much time at the door sometimes he just has to lie down and relax haha!
This wasn't staged. He took Dads cycling hat and put it on himself. He looked so cute in it! (Yay! No more underlines!!!)
Isn't he so dang handsome!!!
This toilet paper was good for some quantity entertainment. He played on it for days... until Mom got sick of it being in the living room.

Kade loved "helping" me clean out the fridge.
You can tell by the look on his face haha. We actually get lots of comments about the faces Kade makes. I guess he's just a really expressive kid.
Here are some more pictures of a few of the faces we could catch on camera. He's such a funny boy!

I failed to mention that Kade is walking and in more trouble than ever. Its pretty cute to see my little guy walk!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok one more

We went to this cute little ice cream shop tonight. We decided to get Kade a little cone. It was so cute watching him eat it! Yes, he made a horrific mess. But it really was so fun. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him enjoy his cone. Alex was very worried about the stickiness. That is one of his big pet peeves haha! Convenient for being a Father isn't it? :)
We didn't really plan ahead so no camera. These are taken with my phone so that is why the quality is so bad.

new stuff

I have never ever blogged this much. I wanted to catch up. You may get bored but this is basically a scrap book for us. So have fun! There are probably fifty posts to read haha!

Cute pictures as of late.

Major bed head!! He seriously loves this chair! I turned on Baby Einsteins the other day and he stayed in the chair the whole time! Not normal for our tater boy. He did try to stand up in the chair a few times.
He knows how to use a thermometer!
He just loves to sit in or on things that are just his size. He thinks its the greatest!
I just thought this was so cute. Kade wanted to play video games with Daddy. I was folding laundry, hence the clothes all over the place
. He LOVES his blanky! Whenever it is out of his crib he carries it around with him and randomly lies down on it and says "ahhh".
Daddy is such a tease!
This chair was the inspiration for the birthday chair from Grandma.

The garden

So this is how we started. Isn't all that rock so purty!? Nope, we HATE it!

Stupid rock, as far as the eye can see.
So we brought in this guy. Cute old man from our ward who likes to drive his tractor. I honestly don't think we'd have a garden with out him!
Progress...(I tried to turn in the other way)
Tada! A garden!! And a few fruits trees! Yay!It looks way easier that it really was. It took two days to get the rock up, three trips to the dumb to get rid of our beloved rocks (and that stuff was not easy to unload), lots of raking and picking up rocks, Rodotilling sp? (That is harder than I thought!), three truck loads to get manure (From Hooper, over an hour round trip), then more raking. But we are there! Now we just need to plant!
Also I am POSITIVE we wouldn't have a harden without the muscle man pictured above! Alex is amazing! He worked so so hard. I was so so sore from working in the yard and Alex works 4 times as hard as I do. He's the best!

The buzz

So here's the story. Alex wanted a buzz. So I granted his wish and buzzed his hair. Alex, being the patient person that he is kept saying "are you done yet?!" I said "I am just going over the whole thing again to make sure I don't leave any pieces sticking out". Its a pet peeve of mine to see buzzed hair with long hairs sticking out everywhere. But Alex said " Oh its fine just let me shower and we can fix it later if there are any long hairs". And so it was. Maybe one minute later Alex came walking out of the bathroom toward the buzzers saying "You suck at cutting hair" Before I could do anything about it Alex stuck a guard on and started buzzing. I had used a three ...and he was using a one. Its hard to tell in the picture but the right side of his hair is significantly shorter than the rest. So what do you do? Buzz the rest with a one. He looks like a cancer patient. But cute as ever as you can tell!! haha!!Oh but the story doesn't stop there. Kade wakes up from his nap. I see a light come on in Alex's head. I'm thinking "Finally!" But then... this is what happens.
My baby boy! All his cute hair!! Alex wanted to use the number 1, I said "How about a three?"
And then because I "suck" at cutting hair, I finished things up.
My cute buzzed boys.
Now that Kade has a buzz he doesn't look like a baby anymore, he looks like a little boy. I guess I have to accept the fact that he is growing up!

The birthday party!

So Kade's Birthday was on Thursday. We had the party on Friday, but we still had some partying on Thursday. Daddy brought him balloons from work and they were a hit! We actually had to hid them because he wanted to play with them non stop and he would get so frustrated with them for floating away!
We took Kade swimming at a local pool that night. Ignore my glamorous legs. Kade just looked so cute in his suit and sandals!
After swimming we got cafe rio because we had a FREE MEAL!!! (The capitals are for the effect of the employees yelling). They also gave us a tres leches for Kades birthday. I'm glad they actually believed us since it was April Fools.
I stayed up that night and worked on the cake. I cut out paper and drew the cake and practiced on the fake cake.
The cake. Can you tell what it is?? Ok, fine I'll tell you. Its a Mr. Potato head. We call Kade Tater boy, and Kader potater, so I thought a Mr. Potato head cake was fitting. I know you all want me to make birthday cakes now... haha!!
He just wasn't really sure what to think about the cake.
A little encouragement from Dad.

Hey guys, this cake is GOOD!!
He didn't really get that messy... The one time you want him to be!

Opening presents.
This chair is a big hit.
Watching a movie of Kade's first year.
And now I have a cute little one year old!!