Saturday, April 10, 2010

The birthday party!

So Kade's Birthday was on Thursday. We had the party on Friday, but we still had some partying on Thursday. Daddy brought him balloons from work and they were a hit! We actually had to hid them because he wanted to play with them non stop and he would get so frustrated with them for floating away!
We took Kade swimming at a local pool that night. Ignore my glamorous legs. Kade just looked so cute in his suit and sandals!
After swimming we got cafe rio because we had a FREE MEAL!!! (The capitals are for the effect of the employees yelling). They also gave us a tres leches for Kades birthday. I'm glad they actually believed us since it was April Fools.
I stayed up that night and worked on the cake. I cut out paper and drew the cake and practiced on the fake cake.
The cake. Can you tell what it is?? Ok, fine I'll tell you. Its a Mr. Potato head. We call Kade Tater boy, and Kader potater, so I thought a Mr. Potato head cake was fitting. I know you all want me to make birthday cakes now... haha!!
He just wasn't really sure what to think about the cake.
A little encouragement from Dad.

Hey guys, this cake is GOOD!!
He didn't really get that messy... The one time you want him to be!

Opening presents.
This chair is a big hit.
Watching a movie of Kade's first year.
And now I have a cute little one year old!!


JACK's house said...

I think the cake is ADORABLE!

Jessica said...

love the family pic and the cake! good job!!