Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Dad!

This song came on as we were listening to primary music and getting ready for church the other day. Kade recognized it was about his Dad so we listened to it a few million times. He really does adore his Dad! This song is perfect for them and I really do hope that he does become like his Dad in every way!

My Daddy is my favorite pal,

and I help him everyday!
Its plain to see I want to be like him in every way!

I'm very glad that he's my Dad!

And I know he loves me too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things that happen while nursing...

People get into trouble. But not often so I'm lucky. He mostly just sits next to me, sucks on my elbow and says "mmm yummy!"

I just can't get mad at such a handsome little man!
Or his handsome little brother
Its amazing how a teeny little smile can be so exciting!

My boys have such a great Daddy!
Random picture but we very much enjoyed playing outside... for those two days it was nice enough! He was literally running around in circles he was so excited to be out! And yes, he did carry around that bag of kidney beans the whole time. :)

Oh and let me just say something to all of you skiers and such.... STOP PRAYING FOR SNOW!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two months.

I keep telling my kids to stop growing but I think they are ignoring me! Am I the only one with that problem? :) At leasts he keeps getting cuter right? He is such a great baby! To celebrate his two month birthday he slept ten hours last night! He is such a great sleeper. He has been doing nine hours at night for the last couple of weeks. He is such a sweet happy boy. He is smiling and talking tons now. I can tell he is a determined little boy as he is very particular. He knows just the way he likes things. He will be fussy and I will move him to a different position and he immediately stops crying. He is a strong dude and holds up his head all by himself now. We sure love him to pieces!

Friday, February 4, 2011

He smiles!

And a few other gems....

More sharing and love.

The boy loves popcorn. It's VERY exciting!
And for those of you wondering who Cardon looks like.... Here is a picture of Alexs Dad...and Mom but lets focus on his Dad for now. :) Although they are a fine looking couple aren't they!

Now go ahead and compare.

Isn't it crazy?!
Oh, and in case you are wondering my boys don't have a weird Dad AT ALL!!!